TCC WHITESTONE was founded in 2007 by Sérgio Costa, with the purpose pf representing and selling marble slabs.

Sergio desired to create his own brand, with exclusive designs and inspired by the raw material, given the connection to a family tradition related to construction, which was accentuated in 2013.

In this time Sérgio Costa decides to invest in kitchen, bath, and living objects and in 2016 TCCWHITESTONE created their own brand called MAAMI HOME, which has headquarters and a factory in Vila Nova de Gaia, close to Porto in Portugal.

Today we are a team of more than 30 multidisciplinary people with technical and higher education in the fields of engineering, industrial design, fine arts, history, social sciences, management, economics, including robotics, and the traditional art of carpentry and blacksmithing.

We promote continuous education and commit to individual development by reconciling professional, family, and personal life.

TCC WHITE STONE - dedicated furniture projects in marble and wood furniture


Blend the know-how from our core business with other fields of the industry.

Being innovative in the field of ornamental rocks with the necessary skills to provide a product development service that goes beyond the stone.

The use of very different materials such as composites, wood, and different metals as well as plastic-free packaging development, ensuring that our production and development are on the green path of environment and sustainable value creation for all stakeholders.


Being a reference and leader in product development and production of natural stonerelated design objects with a special focus on circular economy. A reference partner for furniture editors, architects, interior designers, and bespoke projects.


Customer satisfaction as it is the reason for the existence of our business.

Value and respect people because they are the ones that make it all possible.

Acting as an integral part in the universe of architects, designers, and decorators.

Social responsibility for a fairer society.

Respect for the environment to ensure tomorrow.

TCC WHITE STONE - dedicated furniture projects in marble and wood furniture