Privacy Policy

These terms of use have been drawn up by TCC Whitestone Lda. (“TCC Whitestone”) to provide information to any users of the Internet site (“Website”) and pages thereof, under GDPR (UE) 2016/679 “Personal Data Protection Code”, it being expressly understood that, for the users to enjoy purpose-designed services, specific information will be provided from time to time; in addition, specific consents to personal data processing may be requested.

Where and How to Process Data

Data processing connected with computer consultation, starting with the address corresponding to the home page takes place at TCC Whitestone’s with electronic – automated anyway – media. Type of Processed Data

Surfing Data

While running information systems and carrying out software procedures as required for the operation of this Website, our company acquires some personal data which may be implicitly transmitted in using Internet communication protocols. Such information is not collected to be associated with any identified users; nevertheless, it might be so processed and associated with data held by third parties to allow users to be identified, provided that the Judicial Authorities have expressly applied therefor. The said category of data includes the IP addresses and domain names of the computers used by the users who connect to the Website, the URI addresses of the requested resources, the time when the request is submitted, the method used in submitting the request to the server, the size of the file obtained in reply thereto, the number code showing the status of the reply provided by the server and other parameters related to the operating system and the IT environment of the user. The said data – which make up the connection registry – is used by TCC Whitestone with the sole purpose of obtaining anonymous statistical information concerning the use of the Website and making sure that the Website works properly.

Data Voluntarily Supplied by User

The optional, explicit and deliberate sending of e-mails to such addresses as stated on our Website involves the acquisition of the personal data being supplied. Specific information concerning the supplied data will be available, with reference to purpose-designed services offered on the Website.

Optional Data Provision

Subject to the provisions related to surfing data, the user is free to supply such personal data as requested from time to time or such personal data as the user may be willing to send. In the event that failure to provide some data should prevent a requested service from being delivered, it will be stated what data will be required for the execution of the relevant procedure or the provision of the requested service.

Information Safety

Specific safety measures will be taken to prevent data loss, unlawful use, misuse and unauthorized accesses.

Rights of Those Concerned

The people the personal data refers to may, at any time, obtain confirmation whether the said data is available and be informed about the contents and origins thereof, check the accuracy thereof, ask for any personal data to be added or updated, or apply for the correction thereof, under the European Union (EU) legislation. Under this legislation, the said people may apply for the cancellation thereof, modification in an anonymous form or for the data processed in breach of the law to be blocked; in addition, the said people may not agree, for lawful reasons, to have the said data processed, provided that the said people write to TCC Whitestone – for example, by e-mail, to the following address:

Personal Data Holder

Personal data is held by TCC Whitestone Lda., with its principal office in Rua Norton de Matos, 835 – 4405-671 Gulpilhares, Vila Nova de Gaia – Portugal. TCC Whitestone may also be contacted at the following e-mail address:

TCC Whitestone hereby reserves the right to modify or correct this privacy information at any time – for example, following the enforcement of new relevant provisions. Under such circumstances, any modifications will come into effect after 15 days of publication on the Website.


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