Calacatta Vagli - Block 1809 | 2 cm

Calacatta Vagli marble is a variety of natural marble extracted from the Carrara region of Tuscany, Italy. It is known for its white and gray appearance with veins in shades of dark gray and gold that intertwine in unique sinuous patterns.
Calacatta Vagli is a type of marble that is highly sought after to enrich decorative pieces, floor and wall coverings. Interior projects acquire luxurious, exclusive, elegant features that last and acquire value with long-term use.
Due to its natural origin, marble has characteristics, tones and patterns that are always different, even surprising, and can be appreciated for this reason. They constitute unique and unrepeatable pieces that needed millions of years of transformation and, as such, are to be contemplated as works of art of nature.

Aprox. 2600x2020x20 mm
11 slabs